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Whatcom County District #7

Legend is that two white men were buried at this site in the early 1820's.  However, Jeffcott in "Nooksack Tales and Trials" says the first burial was an infant.  Furthermore, an old time resident states that members of the Brown family are the first burials, although the cannot be confirmed .  Mr Seriah Stevens, a civil war veteran who died February 10, 1881 is the oldest confirmed burial. To date we have 521 interred veterans, 25 of which are civil war veterans.

Enterprise Cemetery was established January 30, 1886.  Mr David Wallace who donated 1.5 acres to Mr ML Gee, Mr John J Brown, and Mr Franklin Brunson as new established trustees (and their successors) in office to used as a cemetery for burials.   Over the years several additional parcels of land were added and by 1900 the cemetery totaled thirteen acres.  In 1995, the board of trustees; Mr Paul Larsen, Mr Tom Long and Mr Leonard Sund purchased fifteen additional acres totaling 28 acres respectively.



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Enterprise Cemetery, Whatcom County District #7